CakeMeOmaha Series #10: The Bicycle Cake

Best friend, Zoe, was coming to town and the gang knew we had limited opportunity to celebrate her birthday. Strategically, we decided to hijack the end of a group dinner with a surprise early birthday cake.

Zoe loves biking. Thus, we decided on a bicycle-theme cake from The Cakery. The ordering was completed with some back-and-forth communication via email and phone. This cake was Zoe-personalized!

The following pictures were sent to The Cakery for inspiration.

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With only two days notice, The Cakery concocted the below.

The Cakery's Custom Bicycle CakeThe Cakery's Custom Bike CakeThe Cakery's Custom Bicycle Cake

The Cakery baked, whipped, and piped a custom cake featuring Zoe in her biking gear and her bicycle. The Tiffany blue color is a nice pop and I love how Zoe is represented in this cake.

Here are side-by-side comparison pictures of real-life and cake-life Zoe and her bike.

Side-by-Side Bicycle Cake Comparison Side-by-Side Bicycle Cake Comparison Side-by-Side Bicycle Cake Comparison

At the end of dinner, real-life Zoe was presented the custom bicycle cake.

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Zoe was surprised and all smiles! She tilted her head and asked, “Who is the man [on the cake]?” Friend Anne said, “She has boobs!” Laughter ensued within the group. While Zoe did not immediately recognize herself in the cake, she did recognize her bike.

How did the cake taste? The cake was red velvet. I was caught up in the festivities, so I forgot to take a picture of the sliced cake. Zoe liked that it was not a sweet cake. I thought it was okay. I missed the rich cream cheese frosting that makes a red velvet cake. Taste-wise, I recommend Nothing Bundt Cakes‘ red velvet cake over The Cakery.

Custom Bicycle Cake

  • Description: Custom bicycle-theme red-velvet cake.
  • Price: $26.99
  • FoodMe YUM Rating: 7.0 out of 10
  • FoodMe Value Rating: 9.0 out of 10

Ultimately, the cake was a happy-visual impact and budget-friendly. Thanks to The Cakery for creating the custom bicycle cake at short notice.

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