Hollow Heart in Watermelon

I miss watermelon season! In the past few months, I have been cutting and eating several watermelons. Check out the past FoodMeOmaha post, “FoodMeTrivia Series #4: Watermelon Basics”.

Among the several watermelons, I discovered one that stood out among the rest. On August 19th, I cut a “normal” watermelon in half and then I was surprised by the insides…

Watermelon with Hollow Heart

It looked like someone purposefully carved out a biohazard symbol! What caused this symmetrical structure? Is it safe to eat?

Watermelon with Hollow HeartWatermelon with Hollow Heart

The exposed watermelon flesh is whitish, dry, and rubbery.

After some googling, I learned that this is a watermelon with a hollow heart. The internal pattern naturally happens due to poor pollination during the growth process.

Fortunately, this intriguing watermelon is safe to eat. The dry parts were discarded and the remaining watermelon was eaten. While I had less watermelon to eat, the taste quality was not impacted. In fact, it was a wonderfully juicy and sweet.

Still curious about the hollow heart watermelon? Here are some online resources about the natural hollow heart occurrence in watermelons.