Local Omaha Restaurants Supports ALS

I love the community among local Omaha restaurants. As an avid foodie, I have seen the camaraderie and collaboration between different chefs, restaurants, and organizations through different events (chef swaps, fundraisers, etc.) and social media interaction. This is also seen with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Here are some ALS Ice Bucket challenges videos from Omaha Restaurants.

Dolce’s Ice Bucket Challenge:

The Dolce crew challenges Chef Jon Seymour and crew from V. Mertz, Owner Chef Paul Kulik and crew from Le Bouillon and Chef Tim Nicholson and crew from The Boiler Room Restaurant.

V. Mertz’s Ice Bucket Challenge:

Sommelier Matthew E. Brown and Chef Jon Seymour of V. Mertz accepts the challenge from Dolce and then challenges Dante Ristorante Pizzeria, Block 16, and The Berry & Rye.

Le Bouillon’s Ice Bucket Challenge:

Owner Chef Paul Kulik of Le Bouillon challenges Owner Charlie Yin of Hiro 88 and Chef Clayton Chapman of The Grey Plume.

Hiro 88’s Ice Bucket Challenge:

Owner Charlie Yin of Hiro 88 and Pana 88 accepts the challenge from Owner Chef Paul Kulik of Le Bouillon.  In turn, Yin challenges Owner Ethan Bondelid of The Berry & Rye and House of Loom, Owner Isaiah Sheese of Archetype Coffee.

Kudos to the participating local Omaha restaurants!

Note: If there are any other ALS Ice Bucket Challenges from Omaha restaurants, please comment with the link and I will update the post. Thanks!


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