2013 Omaha Restaurant Week Series #2: Taita Restaurant

I can’t rave enough about Taita Restaurant. Taita is highly-recommended by FoodMeOmaha for outstanding service, delightful cocktails, fine-quality seafood, AND best sushi in town!

On Tuesday, September 17th, FoodMeOmaha and best friends, Maude and Zoe, dined at Taita for the 2013 Omaha Restaurant Week. I was delighted to be back at Taita. (Click here for past FoodMeOmaha reviews on Taita.)

We ordered all the courses from the ORW menu, plus some other dishes. The headliner of this dinner is… holy sushi!!!

Yellowtail Spoons.

Chef Jose Dionicio of Taita treated us to yellowtail amuse bouche. The presentation was as beautiful as the taste. It was a refreshing, smooth bite. Our complaint: we wanted more!

Plum and Tonic.

Plum and Tonic, $6.00. This drink was a unique delight of plum wine, tonic, and nasturtium flower. My first nasturtium! The flower added an earthy spice to the semi-sweet drink.

Nikkei Roll: albacore two ways / cucumber / avocados / tiger’s milk.

Nikkei Roll close-up.

Nikkei Roll, $13.00. This is a tasty, well-executed, albacore two ways roll. I enjoyed all the elements of pure tuna, spicy tuna, cucumber crunch, red onion accent, seaweed layer, and delicate rice.

Veggie Roll: crispy quinoa / takwan-zuke / avocado /shitake / bedford gardens veggies.

ORW Course 1: Veggie Roll. Best veggie roll I have ever had! Typically, I snub “boring” veggie rolls for the raw fish. However, Taita’s veggie roll was a yummy surprise. The crispy, nutty quinoa is the finesse ingredient that makes this roll.

Sashimi: premium soy sauce / yuzu / thai chilies / tobiko.

ORW Course 1: Sashimi. The fresh yellowtail sashimi is enhanced with premium soy sauce, tobiko (flying fish roe), yuzu (citrus fruit) zest, and greens. I adored the simple, elegant sashimi.

Nigiri: Isaki, Uni and Iberico Ham Lardo, and Duck Foie Gras (from left to right).

ORW Course 1: Chef’s Choice Nigiri. On the menu, the nigiri is described as “3 perfect sushi bites.” I avidly agree. This is… holy sushi!!! The Isaki (Japanese Grunt fish) is a lovely fattier but delicate and light fish. Both the uni with lardo and duck foie gras were exquisite, rich, velvety goodness. Each piece was perfectly balanced with rice.

We were a symphony of mmms, ooohs, wows, and ohmygods. Among this foodie trio, Zoe has the most selective taste. Commonly, whenever we dine out, Zoe nonchalantly says “I can make this.” This time, Zoe said, “I cannot imitate this.” THAT says a lot!

The nigiri was glorious so we each ordered another round for $12. Awesome value for holy sushi.

Did you notice that there was no wasabi or soy sauce on the side? None is needed due to the fine-quality ingredients and superb execution by Chef Jose. Taita’s sushi is that good. Check out this great article, “What should you do with that extra wasabi? Nothing“.

Poke: fresh seaweed / rayu / sea salt / onions / tamari.

ORW Course 2: Poke. The sushi loving continues. The poke is a refreshing combination of luscious smooth salmon and fresh seaweed. This hit the spot!

Squid: house-made chorizo / garlic confit / roasted tomato aioli.

ORW Course 2: Squid. This is one my of favorite cooked seafood dishes at Taita. The chorizo-stuffed squid is a glorious union of land and sea.

Anticuchos: grilled majinola wagyu beef heart / roasted potatoes / chimichurri.

ORW Course 2: Anticuchos. The savory, beef heart with crispy potatoes and chimichurri sauce is delicious.

Uni Pasta (split three ways).

Uni Pasta, $18. We split this favorite dish (ordered from the regular menu). The uni pasta has wonderful chewy noodles with real crab meat immersed in creamy sauce.

Majinola Wagyu Brisket: stout beer and cilantro-brasied brisket / white beans / carrots.

ORW Course 3: Majinola Wagyu Brisket. The beef was good but paled compared to Taita’s seafood dishes. I wanted more cilantro flavor and tender meat.

Bass: roasted carrots / spring onions / clam stew / thai chilies.

ORW Course 3: Bass. While the bass with crispy skin and light stew was good, it was outshined by the sushi.

Salmon: butternut squash / house-made chorizo / pickled onion / apple salad.

ORW Course 3: Salmon. The salmon is my favorite cooked fish at Taita. This is a unique, complementary combination of salmon with crispy skin, butternut squash, savory chorizo, and refreshing apple salad.

Once again, X marks the spot at Taita for seafood treasures. The pinnacle treasure is the sushi!!! Taita has superbly executed, fine-quality sushi. FoodMeOmaha declares Taita is the best sushi place in town.

Special thanks to Chef Jose for the holy sushi!!! Special thanks to our waitress, Haley, for the wonderful and welcoming service.

2013 Omaha Restaurant Week Dinner

  • Description: Three course dinner for Omaha Restaurant Week
  • Price: $30.00
  • FoodMe YUM Rating: 9.25 out of 10
  • FoodMe Value Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Note: The overall rating is an average of all the ORW courses. The FoodMe YUM rating for the nigiri is 10!

Taita on Urbanspoon


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