CakeMeOmaha Series #6: The Yoga Cake

IMG_4028Sneaky Friends at Maude's Surprise Birthday Party

On Saturday, September 13th, sneaky friends surprised well-loved Maude for her birthday. We celebrated Maude with two of her passions, the beach and yoga.


Clueless Maude was blind-folded and led to a beach-themed pool party. Surprise!!!

Maude's Surprise Birthday Pool Party

Smiles, laughter, and fun ensued. The merriment continued with a yoga cake for the yogi birthday girl.

Here’s the “dog down” on the yoga cake masterpiece from Bliss Old Market Bakery.


Bliss Old Market Bakery created an awesome cake! Bliss delivered on all the requested elements. The Maude-like figure was made out of fondue and hand-painted. Maude’s favorite color purple was incorporated and the trim was based on a Chinese red bracelet symbolizing good luck.


All lit up. Yoga by candlelight.


Happy Birthday to yogi Maude!

Maude loved the cake. Here’s her happy cake reaction: “Wow. It’s huge! Very thick! And there’s a Yogi on top!” 

Then, Maude ate her miniature head… Self-cannibalism?


Friend, Kelly, joined in on the cannibalism and ate Maude’s miniature arms! I had a small bite out of curiosity. The fondue was semi-sweet and chewy.


Custom Pink Champagne Yoga Cake

  • Description: Pink Champagne 9″ round cake with custom yoga decorations.
  • Price: $75.00
  • FoodMe YUM Rating: 8.25 out of 10
  • FoodMe Value Rating: 8.0 out of 10

The cake delivered in both looks and taste. Maude’s happy taste reaction:

“When I took my first lick of the frosting…I KNEW, right away, that it was going to be badass good…The thick texture of the cake itself, sans the frosting, was VERY good. I immediately devoured my first slice, making sure I had as much frosting as I had cake…Not too sweet, not too heavy, and not too flimsy. It was a cake that should be enjoyed and devoured at an even pace.”

Bliss Old Market Bakery’s pink champagne cake and butter-cream frosting is a semi-sweet tasty combination.

Namaste to Bliss Old Market Bakery for a fabulous cake!

If you like this story, check out other FoodMeOmaha posts on Bliss Old Market Bakery.

Special thanks to Annette and Nate Ryan for their house and pool hospitality! Thanks to all the friends who came and joined in the merriment! Thanks to well-loved Maude for the reason for the party!

Side plug: Check out Maude Moreno as a yoga teacher at Sound Method Yoga and One Tree Yoga. She has inspired FoodMeOmaha and others to yoga (gotta balance the eating)!

Bliss Old Market Bakery on Urbanspoon


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