2013 Omaha Restaurant Week Series #1: Railcar Modern American Kitchen

FoodMeOmaha was busy during the 2013 Omaha Restaurant Week. ORW was the time to dine for great restaurants, great value, and great charity. (See the previous post, “2013 Omaha Restaurant Week“.) Hence, I dined at several restaurants from new places to old favorites. This new series gives the lowdown on FoodMeOmaha’s ORW dining visits.

My first Omaha Restaurant Week venue was Railcar Modern American Kitchen. On Friday, September 13th, FoodMeOmaha and friend Renae dined at the railcar-inspired restaurant for the first time.

Railcar Modern American Kitchen is a simple, casual dining place with great, friendly service. On board, there are railcar-like window dividers and some railroad photography, but don’t expect to feel like you are in a train.

Renae and I each ordered different ORW 3-course dinners for $30 and a flight of wine (3 glasses) for an additional $10. We happily wined and dined at a great value!

We started out with the complimentary pretzel bread. Yum! It had a nice slighty-sweet pretzel skin outside and hearty, soft inside.

Course 1: B&O Maryland Style Crab Cakes. This was my favorite course. I enjoyed the tasty combination of full-flavor crab meat, fresh sweet corn, celery crunch, and creamy aioli sauce.

Course 1: All-Natural Angus Beef Whiskey Steak Skewer. This was my second favorite course. The savory steak, salty bacon, sweet teriyaki sauce, and unique, refreshing peanut coleslaw pleased my palette. On a picky note, I wished the steak temperature was medium, instead of well-done.

Course 2: Local Duroc Pork Ossu Bucco. The pork was slightly dry but still good. I favored the fatty meat pieces and the flavorful red wine tomato sauce and Tuscan beans. The best part was the small amount of precious bone marrow forked and slurped with glee.

Course 2: Pretzel Crusted Walleye. Meat lover, Renae, ventured outside her norm with this fish dish. She was pleased with the pretzel crust and mild white fish. My bites were okay but needed more mustard emulsion sauce for flavor and contrast.

Course 3: Chocolate Pecan Cookie. This hit the spot. We both enjoyed the warm, decadent, chocolate pecan cookie balanced with the cold, smooth vanilla ice cream. No question, this is way better than Old Chicago’s Big Cookie.

Course 3: Key Lime Pie. This is a yummy delight of refreshing, semi-sweet and tart lime and graham cracker crust.

Overall, the dinner pleased the taste buds. In particular, my favorite courses were the appetizers and desserts. Despite a few execution bumps, Railcar Modern American Kitchen served up a great food journey at a great value for Omaha Restaurant Week. I will be coming back to try more from Railcar Modern American Kitchen.

2013 Omaha Restaurant Week Dinner

  • Description: Three course dinner for Omaha Restaurant Week
  • Price: $30.00
  • FoodMe YUM Rating: 8.0 out of 10
  • FoodMe Value Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Railcar Modern American Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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