2013 Omaha Beer and Bacon Festival

On Saturday, August 3rd, FoodMeOmaha went to the first Omaha Beer and Bacon Festival at the Old Mattress Factory Bar & Grill. An advance ticket was $30 and a gate ticket $35. This event combined baconing, beering, and fundraising for Omaha Jaycees and Ronald McDonald House of Omaha.  Bacon and beer for a good cause!

Michelle, FoodMeOmaha, and Zoe (left to right), showing our support with Ronald McDonald Charity House temporary tattoos. Bacon lovers unite!

I was in good company with gal pals and fellow bacon lovers, Michelle and Zoe.

Tools for beering.

Each participant received a souvenir glass mug and a small plastic cup for beering. We enjoyed various beer samples among the dozen beer vendors.

Our main focus was the bacon. Like bees to flowers, we were bacon hopping from one bacon-dish vendor to another. Here are the bacon goods in order from my least favorite to my top favorite bacon dish!

Bacon Cheeseburger.

#6: This was a less-than-average bacon cheeseburger. The bun to burger meat ratio was off – too much bread or not enough meat .

Bacon Burger.

#5: This burger is tastier than #6. The bacon is built into the patty and balanced with fresh tomatoes and lettuce.

Jalapeno Torpedos – spicy pepper, fatty cream cheese, crispy bacon shell, laced with maple syrup.

#4: The Jalapeno Torpedos was greasy but still good. The grilled jalapeno, extra crispy bacon, and maple syrup gave it an extra edge.

Bacon Chocolate Cupcake.

#3: Opposites attract. The sweet, moist chocolate and salty, bacon crunch makes a yummy cupcake. I had 2.33 mini cupcakes. Sharing is caring.

Railcar Modern American Kitchen’s Bacon Au Gratin with Bacon Marmalade.

#2: This was my second favorite bacon dish at the festival. Comforting potatoes with a slight tart flavor and bacon goodness. I had two servings. Railcar Modern American Kitchen is one of many new restaurants I need to explore.

Plank’s Pork Belly, Scallop, Tomato Skewer.

Side view of Plank’s Pork Belly, Scallop, Tomato Skewer.

#1: Plank brought home the bacon! This was my top favorite bacon dish at the festival. Luscious pork belly, delicate smoked scallop, fresh heirloom tomato, topped with a smooth bacon horseradish aioli was a beautiful bite to immerse in. I would have recursively waited in line for another bite but they ran out. Sooo gooood!

Bacon Contest.

The judges got a much bigger piece of Plank’s bacon dish for the bacon contest. Greedy me was jealously eyeing them. Plank won first place at the first Omaha Beer and Bacon Festival Bacon Contest. I applauded in full agreement.

The festival had other goods worth mentioning including Bloody Mary’s with bacon for $7. Picky Bloody Mary fan, Michelle, approved and enjoyed two rounds of the drink.

I kept going back to the bacon jerky cart. For a donation, you get a bag of hickory smoked bacon jerky or sweet maple glazed bacon jerky. I came home with a stash of bacon jerky. The yummy treat didn’t last long!

Overall, we enjoyed the first Omaha Beer and Bacon Festival. Bacon, beer, benefit charity, and great company = happy FoodMeOmaha. I did wish they had more bacon. There were only six bacon vendors, some long lines, and most of the vendors ran out of their bacon dish within a couple of hours. Next year, I recommend coming early to beat the lines and get your bacon fill.

The second Omaha Beer and Bacon Festival is August 2nd, 2014!


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