Morel Sightings at Omaha Restaurants

It’s morel mushroom season! I don’t know where all the morel gold mines are for the picking, BUT I do know the prized mushrooms are being served up at Omaha restaurants.

Below are Omaha restaurants that have morels! The morel sightings at Omaha restaurants were discovered via Facebook and confirmed via recent phone calls to the places. Be aware that they sell out fast and the season is up to mother nature!

801 Chophouse at the Paxton

801 Chophouse is one of my favorite steakhouses in town. I enjoy their prime rib, the great service, and ambiance including the view of the big gold bull statue, parts and all. They have morels to enjoy with your meat of choice. They sold out yesterday but fortunately they have a new batch for today.

801 Chophouse at the Paxton’s Morel Mushrooms

Chophouse 801 at the Paxton’s USDA Prime steak with this seasonal preparation: morel compound butter, grilled ramps, and sauteed morel mushrooms.

801 Chophouse on Urbanspoon

Block 16

Block 16 is a teeny restaurant in downtown Omaha. Daily they have a different morel mushroom special. Past specials include morel Philly, morel burger, morel hot beef, and creamy morel mushroom soup. According to Facebook, their morel dishes won’t stop until the season is over. I wonder what other morel dishes they will have.

(Note that they are open for dinner only on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and closed on Sunday.)

Block 16 black truffle PCF chicken salad panini wrap. Served with a bowl of creamy morel mushroom soup with crispy potatoes and sautéed morels.

Block 16 morel burger. House patty, oatmeal stout onions, morels, cheese and truffle steak sauce on a sesame bun.

Block 16 on Urbanspoon

The Grey Plume

Grey Plume’s Morel Mushrooms

The Grey Plume is a fine dining restaurant with fine food. The nice staff member I spoke with on the phone shared that they are receiving wonderful batches of morels. The morel dishes will vary day to day. Today they have “sauteed mushrooms with great texture and great profile.”

Check out the FoodMeOmaha story, “The Grey Plume’s National Rainier Cherry Day Dinner.” If TGP’s application of the morel mushrooms is as good as their rainier cherries, then you will not be disappointed!

The Grey Plume on Urbanspoon

J. Coco

J. Coco has morel mushrooms that can be added to any dish on the menu. The morels are made simply with sea salt and butter. I am salivating for all-star morels! Check out a past dining experience at J. Coco on the FoodMeOmaha story, “All-Star Dinner at J. Coco“.

5/15/2013 Update: I went to J. Coco today for an early dinner and they were out of morel mushrooms as of Monday according to the waiter! Tragedy. No forecasts on whether they will get more or not.

J. Coco’s Morel Mushrooms

J. Coco on Urbanspoon

Lot 2 Restaurant and Wine Bar

Lot 2 Restaurant and Wine Bar has morels as well! I got the inside scoop that they currently have 12 batch orders left. Lot 2 is serving morel mushrooms sautéed in white wine with garlic, shallots, and thyme for $12. Sounds yummy!

I know that there is a lot to love at Lot 2. Check out past FoodMeOmaha posts, “In Love with Lot 2” and “A Lot 2 Love at Lot 2“.

Lot 2 Restaurant and Wine Bar on Urbanspoon

These are all great restaurants in town that have morel mushrooms! Get ’em while they last! I know I will.

5/15/2013 Update: The Boiler Room Restaurant and Dante Ristorante Pizzeria have morels too! Today, Boiler Room is featuring sauteed morels with their plum creek chicken entree. According to Facebook, Dante has “locally foraged morel & 600 day aged prosciutto pizza on the menu tonight (the prosciutto is aged for 600 days not the pizza just to be clear).”

Note I recommend calling the restaurants beforehand to make sure they still have morels available.


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