For the Love of Souffle, Part 4: Souffle Dreams Come True at Harvest Cafe

5/3/2015 Update: Harvest Cafe has closed.

FoodMeOmaha LOVES souffle. Heavenly, light pillows of oh my goodness. My love story with souffle is shared on the FoodMeOmaha series, “For the Love of Souffle“. The souffle loving continues thanks to Chef Robert K. Barr of Harvest Cafe & Wine Bar!

On our first visit to Harvest Cafe (See FoodMeOmaha post, “Harvest Cafe Sauce-y Good“), we learned that Chef Robert was trained in French cooking. Spunky, foodie friend, Maude, spontaneously asked, “Can you make souffle?” Instantly, I leaned forward a smidge in anticipation. Behind my composed human face, I was a dog with my tongue out panting for a prized treat. Chef Robert said, “Sure. Give me a call ahead of time and I can make that happen.” My dog spirit was barking, wagging tail, and jumping up and down around Chef Robert with excitement. Woot woot! (Or, woof woof!)

On Saturday, April 6th, FoodMeOmaha and friends went back to Harvest Cafe. Chef Robert made souffle exclusively for us and we were in heaven.

Harvest Cafe Assorted Souffle

We had not just one flavor but FIVE beautiful flavors (two of each) – lemon, chocolate, espresso, banana, and Grand Marnier! Sooo goood!!! Maude called it a souffle orgy. The entire group was ohhing and ahhing with each bite. Light, airy, dreamy souffles.

Harvest Cafe Lemon Souffle

The lemon was a surprise hit liked by both lemon lovers and non-lemon lovers. This was my top favorite souffle. It had a nice slight creme-brulee like crispy top and refreshing, balanced tangy and sweet lemon flavor.

Harvest Cafe Chocolate SouffleHarvest Cafe Espresso Souffle

The chocolate souffle (above left picture) is my second favorite souffle. The chocolate was decadent, full chocolate flavor to indulge and melt in. The espresso souffle (above right picture) danced on the tongue.

Harvest Cafe Banana SouffleHarvest Cafe Grand Marnier Souffle

The banana souffle (above left picture) was a smooth, banana-infused cloud. The Grand Marnier souffle (above right picture) was a union between egg and just the right amount of Grand Marnier. Souffle dreams come true at Harvest Cafe.

Don’t just take my word for it. Well-traveled foodies, Julie and Mark Hewett, share their souffle experience they had on Saturday, April 20th.

Julie Hewett:

“We were very lucky to have the chef at Harvest Café make us soufflés. We had the lemon and chocolate soufflés.  Both were very tasty, but the lemon soufflé was definitely my favorite. It was the perfect balance of being light and refreshing while at the same time very luxurious.  With each bite, it made you really appreciate how good it really was. Yum!”

Mark Hewett (Julie’s husband, who is also English with humor):

“To the English, soufflé conjures up images of a millennium of conquest, war and liberation, the rapid rise and gradual sinking of the dish mirroring the global fortunes of France, its mother country.  Perhaps, though, it was the not-so-humble soufflé that brought about détente between the two great nations, its light-but-rich silkiness neutralizing the acerbic barbs.

With one bite you can imagine the soufflés created by Chef Robert at Harvest Cafe & Wine Bar bringing about world peace.  The initial tartness of the lemon gives way to creamy sweetness, while the richness of the chocolate bathes your tongue, and fires a chemical reaction in your brain leaving you reaching for the next delicious spoonful before you have recovered from the sensory overload of the last.

Perhaps even soufflé can’t erase the animosity between the English and the French completely, but it will certainly begin to thaw even the frostiest of relationships.”

Thanks to Julie and Mark Hewett for sharing their souffle experience at Harvest Cafe!

Special thanks to Chef Robert K. Barr and Harvest Cafe for rising up to the challenge and making souffles rise to heavenly goodness for our taste buds! Chef Robert and Harvest Cafe are awesome!!!

5/20/2013 Update: Due to unknown circumstances, Chef Robert K. Barr is no longer with Harvest Cafe as of May 18, 2013.

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2 thoughts on “For the Love of Souffle, Part 4: Souffle Dreams Come True at Harvest Cafe

  1. It is unfortunate that I would have to inform you at this time, But Chef Robert K. Barr has left the building. Circumstance prevail where I felt it important to move on. You will find that there has been comments stating that I am still there, these same comments came after complaints where made about the meal as of May 18, Please understand that the integrity of both the food and service has been compromised, and I have no control over my menu, food processes, recipes and quality of any food being served at the Harvest Café.

    • Chef Robert, I am sorry to hear about the split! Where will I get your souffle? Please let us know on your next chapter. I am already mourning the loss of one of my favorite chefs.

      I had a brief call with Tom from Harvest Cafe and he confirmed that Chef Robert is no longer with Harvest Cafe. I asked and he says the menu items are the same but are structured differently.

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