Trader Joe’s Finds #1: Hummus and Crackers

Trader Joe's LogoTrader Joe’s is a grocery store with an array of unique, diverse, ethnic and organic food at reasonable prices. They also have great customer service. A staff member walks around with a question mark sign ready to help customers.

I overlooked Trader Joe’s until I was introduced to their hummus and crackers. Since then, I have had several stops at Trader Joe’s located at One Pacific Place.

Trader Joe's Hummus and Crackers

Above is one stash from a Trader Joe’s run. The hummus and crackers was my gateway food to Trader Joe’s. It’s not just me. This is an instant hit with family and friends as well.

Here are my favorites from the above stash.

Cilantro and Jalapeño Hummus

Trader Joe's Cilantro and Jalapeno HummusTrader Joe's Hummus

Smooth and creamy hummus is brought to new heights with the cilantro and jalapeno pesto. Subtle jalapeno kick and cilantro goodness!

Spicy Hummus

Trader Joe's Spicy HummusTrader Joe's Spicy Hummus

Smooth and creamy hummus with a spicy kick! Not for the spice wimps.

The convenient, ready-made hummus at Trader’s Joe makes me hum over the yum. The following unique rice crackers are a great crunchy complement to the hummus.

Multiseed Soy Sauce Rice Crackers


This is a multi-textured cracker with soy sauce flair. The sesame seeds add a nutty texture and the soy sauce adds the salt component.

Savory Thin Mini Edamame Crackers


The is a light, crispy rice cracker with balanced edamame flavor. This is my favorite cracker to enjoy with hummus.

The hummus and crackers at Trader Joe’s make a delightful, healthier snack.

I am glad Trader Joe’s is in Omaha! More to come on the new FoodMeOmaha series, “Trader Joe’s Finds”.

Thanks to Casandra Jimenez for introducing me to Trader Joe’s hummus and crackers!


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