FoodMeOmaha Goes to the Philippines, Part 3: Traditional Filipino Breakfast

Fill in the blank. Eggs and ____________.

What is your answer? Prior to the Philippines trip, my immediate reply would be bacon, sausage, or even green ham. After the Philippines trip, my “I-want” reply is eggs and… chorizo, tocino, buwad, rice, sikwate, and mangoes!

My first traditional Filipino breakfast (fried egg not shown).

My second traditional Filipino breakfast.

The first and second day of the Philippines trip started with an awesome, homemade traditional Filipino breakfast thanks to our gracious hosts, Tita Evelyn Taylor-Belen and Uncle Jim Taylor.

Here’s a breakdown of the traditional Filipino breakfast dishes.


Feast your eyes on the beautiful chorizo. Glorious, savory and sweet, Filipino-style Spanish sausage that is sooo goood.


Tocino is sweetened, cured pork that is divinely delicious. I love the caramelized edges and flavor. Stay tuned for the next post, “FoodMeOmaha Goes to the Philippines, Part 4: Behind-the-Scenes The Making of Tocino.”

Bahud with Vinegar Sauce

Normally, I couldn’t envision having fish for breakfast but that changed in the Philippines. Buwad, dried fish, has a nice texture contrast. The vinegar sauce softens the fish and adds extra flavor.

RiceFried Eggs

No Filipino breakfast is complete without rice and a fried egg. These staples are a great complement with the chorizo, tocino, and buwad.

Sikwate is a Filipino native hot chocolate drink that I consistently enjoy and want more of. It isn’t a creamy milk hot chocolate like we have in the states. It has a darker chocolate concentration without the cream. In Filipino-style, I dunked my bread in the sikwate like oreos in milk.

Puto (steamed sticky rice in banana leaf) and sikwate is a common pairing. The puto itself isn’t strong in flavor. I loaded mine with brown natural sugar. Some Filipinos pour sikwate over the puto for additional flavor.

Mangoes are the bomb in the Philippines and we had this every day. Oh my juicy, sweet, goodness. The mangoes in the Philippines are the best mangoes I have ever had.

I am craving for a homemade traditional Filipino breakfast of… Eggs and chorizo, tocino, buwad, rice, sikwate, and mangoes

Special thanks to Tita Belen and Uncle Jim for the wonderful food and gracious hospitality!

Gracious host, Tita Evelyn Belen-Taylor

Gracious host, Uncle Jim Taylor


9 thoughts on “FoodMeOmaha Goes to the Philippines, Part 3: Traditional Filipino Breakfast

  1. The mango definetely sounds the best 🙂 I like all types of sticky rice wraped with banana or lotus leaves (except the sweet ones). Now, I wonder why it is called “puto”. It is a bad word in Spanish 🙂

  2. Stumbled on to your blog while researching on seafood meals on Korean Airlines and saw Filipino food. Yum! 🙂 Interestingly, puto (steamed rice flour cake) in Manila would look more like a steamed dimsum bun. I guess what they call puto in Cebu is what we call suman (steamed glutinous rice) in Manila. As for sikwate, it is more commonly known as tsokolate in Manila. I miss having breakfasts like those! And the mangoes are phenomenal in the Philippines…. if you’ve had Cebu mangoes, the Mexican mangoes sold in California come in a very distant second.

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