FoodMeOmaha Goes to the Philippines, Part 2: Korean Air

On Thursday, December 20th, FoodMeOmaha and friends, Maude, Joen, and Zoe flew on Korean Air from Chicago to Incheon, South Korea, then to Cebu, Philippines. We were very happy to beat the blizzard and depart on our international flight!

Maude, FoodMeOmaha, and Joen (left to right) at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

FoodMeOmaha Ready to Board Korean Air


FoodMeOmaha and Zoe on Korean Air

Tea Cheers for the Beginning of the Trip

Here’s to the beginning of the Philippines trip!

I enjoyed Korean Air for their wonderful service, food, and amenities.

The Korean Air staff are professional, charming, gracious, and pretty. They are very helpful, responsive to requests, and are even known to take care of infants and kids. Zoe mentioned, “I have a girl crush.”

Korean Air provides a blanket, pillow, headphones, toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers for the long flight.

I watched several movies, from new releases to Asian films with subtitles. This nerd played some old-school Tetris as well.

Chicago to Incheon, South Korea – Snack #1

Complimentary wine and beer is provided. We wined it up with peanuts.

Chicago to Incheon, South Korea – Meal #1: Bibimbap

The highlight food of Korean Air is their signature Korean dish, bibimbap. Bibimbap is white rice mixed with seasoned vegetables, beef, and gochujang (a chili pepper paste). The Korean Air bibimbap is satisfying goodness. A great mixture of rice, meat, vegetables, and chili pepper paste. This is the best airplane food I have had!

The bimbimbap came with a Korean traditional seaweed soup, miyeok guk. This is a warm and nourishing soup that is a nice contrast to the bimbimbap.

Miyeok guk is commonly eaten on birthdays for good fortune. My Korean mom makes this for my birthday every year. Good stuff.

Korean Air, Chicago to Incheon, South Korea – Snack #2

My second favorite food served by Korean Air is the fusion hot bread snack. Korean bulgogi (marinated beef) is in the center of a soft roll. Yummy. The packaged brownie snacks was too sweet for my taste.

Chicago to Incheon, South Korea – Meal #2: Fish

The fish was surprisingly soft and tasty. The mango salad was eh. The chocolate cake was the highlight of the meal. Soft, moist, dark chocolate that delighted my taste buds.

Incheon, South Korea to Cebu, Philippines – Meal #1: Seafood

On the third leg, I was exhausted and only had a couple bites of this meal. The seafood and vegetables lacked flavor. The soft cold tofu with a sweet sauce was decent.

After beating the blizzard and Korean Air flights of food, movies, and some sleep, we made it Cebu, Philippines!

Maude, Joen, Zoe, and FoodMeOmaha (left to right) at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

The Korean Air food doesn’t end here. Below are other Korean Air meals served on the return flight on Saturday, January 2nd.

Cebu to Incheon, Seoul Korea – Meal #1: Rice Porridge with Green Tea

The rice porridge had a subtle green tea flavor that I liked. The soy-sauce, pickled onion was sharper in flavor than I preferred.

Incheon, Seoul Korea to Dallas-Fort Worth – Meal #2: Fish

Excuse the tired, blurry picture above! This fish dish was dry and bland. Korean Air ran out of chicken (our first choice), so the kind Korean Air stewardess offered us instant Korean hot ramen in addition to the fish. Yes, please!

Incheon, Seoul Korea to Dallas-Fort Worth – Meal #2: Instant Korean Hot Ramen

The Instant Shin Ramen tasted as expected and hit the spot. Spicy, hot noodles. I was pleased by the extra service.

I would be happy to travel on Korean Air again. If you fly Korean Air, enjoy the great service and get the bimbimbap!

Stay tuned for the next post, “FoodMeOmaha Goes the Philippines, Part 3: Traditional Filipino Breakfast”


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