Luke’s Runzatic Story

“Listen and listen good, my friend” is a common phrase of friend, co-worker, and huge Runza fan, Luke Galardi. One of his “listens” is his passion for Runza. He shared why he loves Runza in a story submitted to the Runzatic Contest. Last month, Luke’s story was selected for the Runzatic Hall of Fame.


Luke’s Runzatic Story:

“Runza for me, is a lifestyle it’s a choice. A choice over the other dime-a-dozen food joints that hope to draw in desperate families trying to quiet squealing youngsters with promises of plastic toys. That is not for me, my friends! Runza is about flavor, about authenticity, about great service and a great menu. Going to Runza for me is akin to a duck taking to water. Sure a duck can fly, walk and quack outside the drink, but once it is water it is satiated. It is fulfilled. And like said duck, I am satiated when I bring my hunger to Runza. I always and I do repeat this again, *always* feel at home, happy and fulfilled when dining at Runza. This proverbial duck knows where his water is! Thank You Runza for being unique in a world of clones.”

Neat! Luke also won a $25 gift card to feed his Runza love.

On Monday, December 10th, boyfriend Brian and I went to lunch with Runzatic Hall of Famer, Luke, at Runza on 50th and Center.

IMG_9287Runza Inside View

I learned that Luke is a regular Runza customer who is known at the Papillion location. He also knows a lot about Runza. Luke explained at Runza the iced tea is freshly brewed, the dough is baked fresh every morning, and real, fresh ingredients are used and hand-prepared.

Luke Ordering at RunzaOur Runza Order

We ordered a tray full of Runzalicious food. Luke ordered the Cheese Runza Sandwich.

Runzatic Luke Eating a Cheese Runza SandwichRunzatic Luke Eating a Cheese Runza SandwichRunzatic Luke Eating a Cheese Runza SandwichRunzatic Luke Eating a Cheese Runza Sandwich

Runzatic Hall of Famer, Luke, proudly showed off the Cheese Runza Sandwich and chowed on the goodness.

Cheese Runza SandwichCheese Runza Sandwich

The Cheese Runza Sandwich is homemade, freshly-baked dough stuffed full of ground beef, onions, cabbage, spices, and cheese. I tried some and it’s good. It’s not your standard, processed fast food fare.

Luke's Ketchup TechniqueLuke is a ketchup guy. He stacks two drink lids for a ketchup container, then dips his Runza sandwich, onion rings, and fries in ketchup. The setup strategically allows for better access and even distribution. Neat trick!

I ordered my favorite, the Swiss Mushroom Burger.

Runza's Swiss Mushroom BurgerHomemade dough made from scratch everyday — stuffed full of ground beef, onions, cabbage, and secret spices—and then baked fresh and served hot.

Tasty, real ground meat! I enjoy the real meat, melted swiss cheese, mushroom, creamy mayonnaise, and soft bread.

IMG_9305The french onion dip is my ketchup. It is a flavorful, french onion seasoned sour cream mix. I like to dip my burger and fries in this goodness.

Runza’s crinkly cut fries is another favorite. They are crispy and fried just right.

Overall, Runza is loved for their real meat, fresh ingredients, homemade uniqueness, and convenient fast food. Runza also started in Nebraska!

Ducks Taking to Water at Runza

Using Luke’s words, we were ducks taking to water at Runza. Ducks, Brian, FoodMeOmaha, and Luke (pictured above left to right) are fulfilled and satiated after our Runza lunch.

Special thanks to Luke for sharing your love for Runza!

Runza on Urbanspoon


5 thoughts on “Luke’s Runzatic Story

    • I consistently enjoy their fries. Hot and crispy the way I like them!

      Tom, have you tried any of the folowing: Grey Plume’s duck fat fries, Dario’s pommes frites, or Amsterdam Falafel’s curry fries. These are some of my other french fries favorites in town.

      • We haven’t been to those places for fries. Sounds good. I think Joyce would like the curry fries. I really enjoy your posts and seeing Richard and Erin on them once in a while is fun. Happy holidays.

    • Thanks for sharing the boxed Lays pic and the FoodMeOmaha mention! I look forward to seeing more of your posts on food at Taiwan.

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