Lay’s Lime Flavored Potato Chips?

On a gas station stop, boyfriend Brian discovered Lay’s Limon (lime) flavored potato chips. I was waiting in the car when he came back and exclaimed like a little boy, “Look what I found!”

Brian Pondering Lay's Limon Potato ChipsLay's Limon Potato Chips

We pondered on how the lime potato chips would taste. The verdict was an interesting surprise. They look like normal potato chips but they taste like… crispy, salty Fruit Loops! It’s not bad. The lime chips grow on you after a couple of bites but I prefer the classic Lay’s potato chips.

Out of curiosity, I checked Lay’s website and they have some other interesting flavors including Chili Limon, BLT, Flamin’ Hot, Garden Tomato & Basil, and Spicy Ketchup. I wonder what these flavors taste like?


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