Dining with My Dude and His Dog, Part 1: The Dog Food

2015 Update: Taste Restaurant is closed.

On Wednesday, August 15th, I had a dinner date with two scraggly, handsome males: my dude, Brian, and his dog, Sparky. Three Dog Bakery hosted a Dog’s Night Out event at Taste Restaurant benefiting the Nebraska Humane Society.

The humans enjoyed a selection from Taste’s full dinner menu, while the dogs were served a specially prepared 3-course meal by Three Dog Bakery’s executive pastry chef, Jake Thacker.

When we arrived, Sparky was wagging his tail and tongue in glee. His first dog meeting (pictured on the left) was a happy, sniffing occasion

Just moments later, I heard a lady politely say, “Oh, the dog got excited.” Sparky had left a puddle of pee behind… Oops.

Brian had purposely taken Sparky out to the yard (aka the el bano) to do his business before we left for the dinner event. I guess Sparky was just so excited he couldn’t help himself.

We were seated at a table for two humans and a bowl of water for Sparky. Chef Jake from Three Dog Bakery presented us with a box of Sparky’s meal and an explanation of each course.

Sparky’s gourmet meal for $15 included the following:

  • Yappitizer- Husky Hummus (inspired by Taste’s hummus)
  • Entree- Bowser Beef with Spaghetti Squash
  • Doggie Desserts- Briard Bread Pudding


Sparky loved the pita bread with hummus and the bread pudding. For the main course, he nibbled on the meat over the veggies. It seemed liked Sparky did not like his veggies?

Brian chuckled and proudly said, “That’s my boy. He doesn’t like his veggies.”

At the event, Sparky was more interested in the other dogs than the food. Jake explained that some dogs eat better in their home environment. He was right. Sparky gobbled up the leftovers the very next day.

Here are more pictures of Three Dog Bakery’s Dog’s Night Out event at Taste.

A fun time for both humans and dogs! Good food and company for a good cause.

Thanks to Chef Jake Thacker (left) and Jaime Schnell (right) of Three Dog Bakery for the wonderful event!

Stay tuned for the next post, “Dining with My Dude and His Dog, Part 2: The Human Food”


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