Prosciutto and Cantaloupe: The Perfect Couple

On Thursday, August 2nd, I was hunting for an after-dinner snack at Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli. I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I prowled the isles and eventually settled on the fresh produce section in an attempt to find something fresh and healthier to eat. I saw the cantaloupe and immediately thought of prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe. I love prosciutto. Yes, please.

Prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe, also known as Prosciutto e Melone, is an easy and basic recipe. This is a stupid easy recipe AND stupid delicious.

All you need is two ingredients: the beloved prosciutto (a cured ham) and cantaloupe. I recommend using high-quality prosciutto and a ripe cantaloupe to maximize the stupid delicious taste.

At Wohlner’s, I purchased half a cantaloupe for $1.99 and 20 thin slices of Boars Head prosciutto (about 1/2 lb) from the deli. The prosciutto was $24.95 per pound. It’s pricey compared to other meats but a little goes a long way. Case in point, I overestimated on the prosciutto. I only used six slices of prosciutto for half a cantaloupe.

After my grocery trip, I cut some of the cantaloupe into bite-sized pieces.

I like the easy, accessible bite-sized cuts. Alternatively, you can also cut the cantaloupe into wedges (a more traditional style) or use a melon baller for fancy, ball-shaped cantaloupe.

I cut strips of prosciutto and wrapped each cantaloupe piece with the prosciutto strips. Along the way, I helped myself to some prosciutto and the prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe.  Mmmm….

The result: beautiful, tasty prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe that was prepared within a few minutes. Easy and oh sooo good.

Prosciutto and cantaloupe together make the perfect couple. It’s a case where opposite attracts. Think sweet refreshing cantaloupe and salty sexy prosciutto.

I ate every piece with glee. The saltiness of the prosciutto and sweetness of the cantaloupe is a combination I relish. A few days later, I made the prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe again and ate every piece with glee again.’s Prosciutto e Melon recipe (which includes reviews) is similar to my version except I use a higher prosciutto to melon ratio.

Here are some tips. For gatherings, you can use toothpicks for convenient hand food. If you want to accommodate vegetarians and non-cantaloupe fans, you can serve them separately like Rachel Ray’s Prosciutto e Melon recipe. This way, eaters can enjoy the prosciutto and cantaloupe separately or combine them based on their preference.

Ultimately, if you like prosciutto and cantaloupe, then its stupid not to have this stupid easy and stupid delicious “perfect couple.”


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