My First Filipino Food Experience, Part 2: Fish Eye Me!

My lunch at Kapit Bahay is a treasured, first-time Filipino food experience. I had very good Filipino food with fantastic friends, Maude, Leigh, and Zoe. (See the previous post “My First Filipino Food Experience, Part 1: “Don’t Be Filipino About It“).

Among the Filipino lunch, we had a fish broth soup which included a fish head with eyes intact. This is my “Bizarre Foods” post of my first fish eye.

The fish head had two prized, healthy eyes. Filipino friend, Maude, explained that the fish eyes are a special treat in her family. Her mom would always give the fish eyes for her children to enjoy. This time, Maude gave the eyes to the non-Filipinos, myself and Zoe. She excitedly encouraged that we each have a fish eye and exclaimed, “Healthy, omega-3 fat!”

Maude carefully removed the eyes from the fish head and then passed me an eyeball on a spoon.

I had a mini photo session with my first fish eye. I am all eyes for the eye. Despite my pretend pout in the above right picture, I am all for trying the fish eye!

I was instructed to squish down but not chew and discard the outside film of the eye. I had no idea what to expect.

There was silence and avid eyes watching the fish eye and me. As instructed, I squished down and… Mmmmmm… The closest food item I can compare it to is melt-in-your-mouth bone marrow but with a seafood flavor. Awesome, yummy, juicy, fatty goodness soaked in the broth juices. Oh my delicious eye ball. Everyone should try this at least once.

Here’s a close-up of the eyeball remains. I wish I had a before close-up picture of the fish eye.

Have you ever tried a fish eye? If not, try it! I did and loved it.

Fish eye me again anytime!


Special thanks to Maude for the memorable experience and sharing your home country food and family tradition. Thanks for “being Filipino about it.”

Kapit Bahay on Urbanspoon


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