Rainier Cherries Discovery

On Friday, I went on a spontaneous trip to Sam’s Club with my mom and found… Rainer cherries! The Rainier cherry is a cultivar of the Bin and Van cherry cultivar and is currently in season.

Sam’s Club offered a taste test of both the Rainier cherry and the traditional, red sweet cherry. I tried the Rainier cherry first and I was instantly pleased. I perked up. The Rainier cherry is sweeter and has a creamier-inside. It reminds me of a combination of a cherry, peach, and apple. Cherry firm skin on the outside, sweet and juicy peach-like flesh on the inside, and a slight apple crisp accent.

When I tasted the red sweet cherry afterwards, I immediately distinguished a difference in taste. The red sweet cherry is slightly more tart and has a distinct traditional cherry taste.

I bought a 2lb package for $9.98 at Sam’s Club. My frugal mom said they were expensive but that didn’t stop me from getting them. They aren’t your normal cherries.

When I arrived home my first agenda was washing, then eating, the cherries. Here are pictures for your seeing taste buds.

Rainier cherries are delicious, sweet, and juicy. I ate them all!


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