Cupcake Playoffs: Jones Bros. Cupcakes on Cupcake Champions

Jones Bros. Cupcakes competed on Food Network’s Cupcake Champions after their previous win on Cupcake Wars.  (See my post, “Cupcake Redemption: Jones Bros. Cupcakes on Cupcake Wars.”)

Cupcake Champions is the playoffs; whereas, Cupcake Wars is the regular season.

Owner Bill Jones and lead baker Marianne Martin of Jones Bros. Cupcakes competed on Cupcake Champions, “Glee” episode, which first aired on Sunday, May 27th, 2012.

The winner gets their cupcake creation center-pieced at the cast and crew party for Fox’s hit TV musical show, “Glee,” and a spot in the final battle to compete for the Cupcake Champion title and $50,000.

On Thursday, May 31st, 2012, I went to Jones Bros. Cupcakes with a specific objective, to get the Cupcake Champions cupcakes.

I purchased the cupcakes, then took them home with me to my DVR. I settled in and watched the recorded Cupcake Champions “Glee” episode.

“Glee” is set in a high school. Thus, on the first round, teams had to make a tasty cupcake using ingredients found in a school cafeteria. Options included fish sticks, sloppy joes, tater tots, pizza, tacos, and macaroni and cheese. The extra surprise challenge was that competitors had to sing while presenting their cupcakes to the judges. It was corny but I found it humorous watching Bill sing.

All the other competitors went for the tacos.  Bill chose macaroni and cheese.  Bill and Marianne literally made macaroni and cheese and incorporated them in the cupcake.  Bill sang, “Glad to be back on Cupcake Wars.  Champions episode you got to do a little more. It is cafeteria food like Glee. So its inspired by mac and cheese. I started off with noodles and a little Marnier. So the cheese will go through all the way. There’s cheese in the frosting too. And a crisp on top for you.”

It was a hit by the judges. One of the judges commented, “This cupcake was so close to a macaroni and cheese dish that I had to implode.” I tried the macaroni and cheese cupcake and yum!  For me, I did not think it tasted close to macaroni and cheese and I didn’t detect any noodles. It was closer in taste to a cheese crisp (minus the crisp texture) in a soft, slightly sweet cupcake. The flavors worked!

Jones Bros. Cupcakes made it to the second round!

On the second round, they had to create three cupcakes that represents “Glee” through both the flavors and presentation.

While the teams were already busy baking three cupcakes, they received another surprise. They had to make a fourth cupcake based on the slushies that are thrown in the show. Jones Bros. cupcakes made a blue raspberry energy drink cupcake with a raspberry frosting.

The slushee cupcake was marvelous! When I cut it in half, I immediately smelled the blue rasberry candy-like scent. I loved the blue rasberry taste with the sprinkle sugar crunch.

Unfortunately, Jones Bros. did not make it past the second round. One judge did not like his chocolate cupcake for the lack of chocolate and another judge wanted better decorations.

Bill stated on the show, “I’m angry. Extremely angry. I wanted to go all the way. This is the first time that we weren’t in the finals. It’s very depressing and I am not going to blame anyone else for things I do. It’s my responsibility.”

I appreciate Bill’s passion and accountability. While I wish they won, I am glad they competed and created both the macaroni and cheese cupcake and the slushee cupcake!

Way to go Jones Bros. Cupcakes for both singing and striving for the championship.

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2 thoughts on “Cupcake Playoffs: Jones Bros. Cupcakes on Cupcake Champions

    • Its yummy! I just called Jones Bros. Cupcakes and found out that they are still selling the Cupcake Champion cupcakes, both Macaroni and Cheese and Slushee! Might be available all summer.

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