My Lunch Break at the 2012 Omaha Summer Arts Festival

Last Friday, I went to the 2012 Omaha Summer Arts Festival on my lunch break. The Omaha Arts Festival is an artist market with music, children activities, and food in the downtown area.

Over 100 white tents are lined up on each side of Farnam Street from 10th to 15th Street. It was a nice summer day to be out of the office and enjoy a different scene.

People were out and about shopping, listening to music, and eating food. I was interested in the eating part.

I scouted the festival and chowed on food from three different food spots.

My first spot was at Old World Style Almonds for the freshly-made roasted almonds.

I purchased a medium bag of just-made almonds for $7. They taste the same as the roasted almonds that you get at the mall. Warm, crunchy, sweet, cinnamon sugar coated almonds that pleased my palette. I munched on them as I walked about and scouted other food booths.

My second spot was Salgado’s Mexican Grill, a local Mexican restaurant that I have never eaten at. I got the pork taco for $3.00 and it was good. I wasn’t blown away but I was satisfied. I liked the savory pork, fresh onions, cilantro, lime accent, and flour tortilla.

My third spot was Dante Ristorante Pizzeria‘s cafe area. I already knew I was stopping by this place. Dante Ristorante Pizzeria is one of my favorite Omaha restaurants. (I love their mussels and chicken liver appetizers.)

At the festival, Dante served their Neapolitan pizzas freshly prepared and cooked in their mobile wood fired pizza oven. I ordered the margherita pizza for $12.

The pizza was made within a couple of minutes. I enjoyed the fresh local ingredients of basil, mozzarella, red sauce, olive oil, and hand-made crust. Simple and tasty. It had a subtle sweet taste that I liked as well.

I wish I could have had the pizza with their homemade sangria but it was a work day.

Overall, I enjoyed my lunch break at the 2012 Omaha Summer Arts Festival. If you want to enjoy food in an outdoor artist market festival, then its worth a visit.

There are several other food booths including Ingredient RestaurantEspana Tapas BarThe Parthenon Greek Grill, and Texas Roadhouse. You can also have hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, lemonade, shaved ice, freshly-made kettle popcorn, and funnel cake at the festival.

The 2012 Omaha Summer Arts Festival ends today!


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