Cupcake Redemption: Jones Bros. Cupcakes on Cupcake Wars

Jones Bros. Cupcakes of Omaha, Nebraska competed on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Owner Bill Jones and lead baker Marianne Martin of Jones Bros. Cupcakes returned for a second chance to redeem themselves on Cupcake Wars “Country Music Awards” episode. The winner gets to showcase their cupcake creations at the CMA Awards post party at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville and win $10,000.

On Sunday, April 29th, 7pm Central Time (when the show first aired), Jones Bros. Cupcakes hosted a premiere viewing party at their location. I went to the premiere with my gal pals, Maude and Zoe.

We ordered some munchies prior to the show. The hot tea drinks and apple pastry tasted as expected. It was the blueberry macaron that stood out.

Zoe ordered a blueberry macaron. This was a wonderful find and my first macaron! It was neither too sweet, nor too cakey. It had the right balance of light cake, Oreo-like cream, and blueberry flavor. Jones Bros. has a variety of macarons in different colorful flavors that I plan to try on another visit.

Blueberry Macaron

  • Description: Blueberry macaron
  • Price: $2.00
  • FoodMe YUM Rating: 8.5 out of 10
  • FoodMe Value Rating: 8.5 out of 10


Bill Jones of Jones Bros. Cupcakes introduced himself prior to the show. We were informed that we could get a “secret” box of the cupcakes from the competition, but could not open them until a certain time during the show.  Of course, I purchased a secret box for $12.

Spoiler Alert: Details on the Cupcake Wars episode included below.

Once Cupcake Wars started, we all cheered!  There was a lot of cheering for Jones Bros.  Bill Jones’ proud parents are sitting to the left in the picture above.

Last time Jones Bros was on Cupcake Wars, they made it to the last round and it was really close but they lost. In the beginning of the show, Bill Jones said “We are ready to come back to prove ourselves and its about pride.”

On the first round, they were challenged to celebrate the home of Tenessee with pork barbecue. Cupcakes and pork?!  They had to to make a delicious cupcake using one of the pork ingredients (pork chops, spare ribs, sausage, home glazed ham, bacon, etc).

Bill Jones decided to create a cupcake with smoked maple pancetta and a honey apple crisp butter cream frosting topped with a brown sugar pecan.  Bill wanted to add the leftover pancetta fat to the frosting as well. Marianne was leery, but went with it. The audience chuckled at Bill’s reaction when he tasted the frosting. “Trust me it will be good” turned to “That’s gross…”  With limited time, they re-made the frosting. Bill Jones was concerned he would not make it past the first round…

The judges tasted Jones. Bros.’ pancetta cupcake and… it was a delicious hit!  They really liked the flavors of the maple, apple, and pancetta. Jones Bros. Cupcakes made it to the second round!

On the second round, they had to invent three cupcakes that celebrates country music and the CMA Awards through both the flavors and presentation.

Bill and Marianne created the following cupcakes:

  • A peach mimosa cupcake with a champagne meringue frosting and white chocolate guitar on top
  • A white chocolate blackberry cobbler cupcake with a crumble on top and white chocolate liquor frosting and blackberry on top
  • A spiked sweet potato cupcake with a chocolate sour cream frosting and a chocolate music-note patterned spiral on top

Once all of Jones Bros.’ country music inspired cupcakes were made and revealed on the second round we were allowed to open our now-known “secret” box!

It was a fun experience to see the physical versions of the cupcakes in person and try them first hand.

My favorite cupcake was the sweet potato cupcake (bottom right), followed by the pancetta (top right), then peach mimosa (bottom left), then the blackberry cobbler (top left).

The sweet potato cupcake was the most unique. I enjoyed the combination of the sweet potato, spices, and chocolate frosting. The spices made me think of pumpkin pie. This was Maude’s favorite as well. My second favorite, the pancetta cupcake, was savory, sweet goodness. The pancetta was sparse though. Strangely, once I had a bite with pancetta, I wanted more pancetta in the cupcake! This was Zoe’s favorite for the honey apple butter cream frosting. The peach mimosa cupcake and the blackberry cobbler cupcake was good as well but did not shine over the other cupcakes. Overall, yummy!

I liked the the music note spiral and white chocolate guitar touches. The judges considered Jones Bros.’ decorations a CMA sensation. Jones Bros. Cupcakes made it to the third final round!

In the final round, the last two competitors where challenged to complete a 1,000 cupcake display with one carpenter and four baking assistants.

Jones Bros. Cupcakes display rocked! The display mimicked the CMA awards trophy and had guitars and boots. Bill, Marianne, and their team worked up to the very last second and completed a 1,000 cupcake display within an intense two hours.

The result… Jones Bros. Cupcakes wins on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars! Cupcake redemption!!!

I happily got a picture taken with Bill Jones of Jones Bros. Cupcakes at the premiere!

Overall, the premiere viewing party was a fun event and brought home a cheering pride within the Omaha community. Thanks to Jones Bros. Cupcakes for the joy of cupcakes and representing Omaha.
Cupcake cheers to Omaha’s Jones Bros. Cupcakes! Congratulations!!!
Jones Bros Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

5 thoughts on “Cupcake Redemption: Jones Bros. Cupcakes on Cupcake Wars

  1. Thank you for providing this exciting information re: Jones Bros Cupcakes!

    My wife and I are moving back to the U.S. into the Omaha area and have been giddy to try a ( o.k. o.k. – many! ) Jones Bros Cupcake(s). All the more so with Bill & Marianne’s creations and win on Cupcake Wars.

    ~ Cheers

    • I am happy to share the info! My current favorites at Jones Bros Cupcakes is their lemon cupcake and pistachio macaroon. If you like cupcakes, you should also try Bliss Old Market Bakery in Omaha. Welcome back to Omaha!

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