For the Love of Souffle, Part 3: The Souffle Cooking Success

For Valentine’s Day, Brian and I decided to cook dinner instead of dining out since we wanted to avoid the busy V-Day dining crowd.  We negotiated/bantered on the menu and assigned chef(s).  We came to an agreement that I would cook my stuffed walnut bleu cheese steak and my dude would cook…  chocolate souffle!!!  I was very happy with this arrangement.

On V-Day, Brian insisted we exchange presents before dinner.  I wanted to make him wait for his gift until post-dinner but decided to be nice.  I opened my present and discovered… an aritsan Kitchenaid mixer!

A beautiful, sleek equipment strategically opened first for the souffle making!

Unlike my dude’s first souffle cooking attempt (See For the Love of Souffle, Part 2: The Souffle Cooking Attempt), he conquered the souffle this round!  He received his training from CookingWithMarki on YouTube.


Brian followed the CookingWithMarki Chocolate Souffle video instructions and the recipe on the YouTube page at

Brian was so intense in his cooking.  I had to tell him to relax and enjoy the cooking.  He responded that he wanted to get it just right and he did.

Here are pictures of the making of the successful chocolate souffle.


Mmmm… Moist, light, chocolate goodness.  The chocolate souffle was so good that it was made again (jointly the second round). Definitely, added to our cooking repertoire.

Here are some souffle cooking tips from Brian and myself:

  • Prepare all your equipment and ingredients ahead of time.
  • Use room temperature eggs for better results.
  • Buttering the ramekins will prevent sticking and sugar will help the souffle rise.
  • Whip the egg whites until you get perfect peaks.
  • After adding the egg yolks, be sure to whip continuously to ensure that it does not scramble.
  • Bake in a water bath for more even cooking.
  • Don’t open the oven after you put the souffle in until its done, otherwise, it will fall.
  • If you want the souffle to have the visually-appealing height above the ramekin, fill the batter to the top of the ramekin.  (Our souffles does not have the height since the batter was distributed evenly between ramekins.)
  • After making the batter and putting in the ramekin, you can cover it with saran wrap to bake another time.  Be sure to seal it with the saran wrap to prevent a skin, then refrigerate.  I have done this and tastes the same!
Blog site, giver’slog, has a wonderful post with great souffle making tips and informative pictures at  A great Google find. Also, the post has a chocolate souffle recipe that looks delicious.

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