For the Love of Souffle, Part 2: The Souffle Cooking Attempts

My dude (aka boyfriend) surprised me on my birthday with chocolate souffle personally made by himself.  This was an awesome, thoughtful surprise since he knew my love for souffle.  (See “For the Love of Souffle, Part 1: The Eiffel Tower Souffle” post.)   He bought the ingredients, ramekins, and a sifter, and cooked it all by himself for the first time and then surprised me with the finished product.

Gotta love that.  I was ecstatic.  Now, I have to admit it wasn’t the best souffle.  In fact, its the second worst souffle I have had taste-wise BUT I was beaming smiles.  I ate every bite of the souffle that was not light or airy clouds of chocolate.


It was rich chocolate pudding instead.  My dude suspects that it needed to be cooked longer and the egg whites were not the right soft peaks consistency. Chuckle.  The chocolate “pudding” souffle was a special surprise.

The souffle cooking attempts doesn’t stop there.  Inspired by the Eiffel Tower Souffle we had on our Vegas trip, my girlfriends and I also made souffle for the first time.

I was excited to make the goods in anticipation of enjoying light airy goodness with my gal pals.  After some group googling, we decided on simple recipes for banana and chocolate souffle.

We followed the recipe directions.  The banana souffle looked delicious rising in the oven…

The results wasn’t pudding, but the opposite.  Think banana biscuit.

The chocolate souffle did not fair so well either. Think stale flat chocolate bread.

Another chuckle.  These are the worst souffles I have ever tasted. I am not sure what we did wrong.    My novice suspicions is that we may have over-whipped the egg whites and cooked it for too long.  I am sure we missed other nuances as well.

While our souffles were not a success, we did have fun at our souffle cooking attempt! Fun interaction and laughter with great friends!  And, fortunately, we had other food to chow on.

Despite these souffle creations of pudding, biscuit, and stale bread, I would not be discouraged from making souffle.  I have learned recently that souffle can be successfully made and enjoyed.  Stay tuned “For the Love of Souffle, Part 3: The Souffle Cooking Success”.


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