For the Love of Souffle, Part 1: The Eiffel Tower Souffle

Eiffel Tower Restaurant (Paris Las Vegas)

I am planning a trip to Las Vegas and naturally I am thinking about the food.  As a result, this has brought back memories of the beloved souffle at Eiffel Tower Restaurant located in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.  Two years ago, I had the Eiffel Tower Souffle, my first souffle, and it was love at first bite.  This is an unforgettable food experience that must be shared.

The Eiffel Tower Restaurant offers souffle in various flavors depending on the season. Some of the flavors include chocolate, Grand Marnier, pistachio, banana, raspberry, and mandarin orange.  My girlfriends and I ordered the Eiffel Tower Souffle in chocolate and banana.  The souffles were ordered in advance since it takes a while to make.

Eiffel Tower Souffle
  • Description: Dessert souffle with different flavor options.
  • Price: Unknown (Can’t remember but worth it)
  • FoodMe YUM Rating: 10 out of 10
  • FoodMe Value Rating: 10 out of 10

The Eiffel Tower Souffles arrived beautifully risen above the ramekin and sprinkled with powdered sugar, warm and ready to be eaten.  The waiter made a hole in the middle and poured in sauces.  Then, I had my very first bite of clouds of chocolate and then banana.  Oh my goodness.  I had the most delicious, lightest, airiest spoonfuls of classic chocolate and banana that absolutely pleased the taste buds. Once you take a bite you just do not want to stop.  We ate all of it and left wanting more.





This was an oh-my-goodness, divinely delicious moment that all my girlfriends shared. One of my girlfriend’s claimed, “If I am on death row, this will be my last meal.”   I concur.  For sure, I will be go back for the Eiffel Tower Souffle on my next Vegas trip. The Eiffel Tower Souffle is one of my all-time favorite desserts and the best souffle I have ever had.

I absolutely love souffle.  After my last Vegas trip, I intently searched the web for Omaha restaurants that serve souffle.  Unfortunately, souffle is not a common dessert in the Omaha area restaurants. I have discovered souffle at the French Cafe and 801 Chophouse but neither came close to the divine goodness of the Eiffel Tower Souffle.

The souffle loving doesn’t stop in Omaha though.  For the love of souffle, there have also been attempts to make souffle…  Stay tune for “For the Love of Souffle, Part 2: The Souffle Cooking Attempts”.

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