FoodMeOmaha Blogging Update

I know that there hasn’t been many posts on FoodMeOmaha but I am back on the blogwagon!  My paying work job has consumed me for quite awhile (and still is to a certain degree) so I have been on hiatus.  I have been eating and working and eating and working (with some other activities as well), but not blogging.  I had once mentioned, my blogging can’t keep up with my eating.  So, lack of food experiences to share is not the issue! Work overload causes major blogging constipation.  Pardon the play with words.

Alas, there is more to come for FoodMeOmaha!   There will be more posts and I have decided to expand topics.  In addition to Omaha restaurant reviews , I will be sharing cooking experiences, tried and true recipes, online deals for food places, and restaurant reviews outside of the Omaha area on FoodMeOmaha.  Categories are as follows: Cooking Repertoire, Deals to Eat, FoodMeOmaha Tidbits, Beyond Omaha Restaurants, and Omaha Area Restaurants.  Stay tuned!

I hope you will enjoy FoodMeOmaha and its new direction!  Please share your thoughts and comments.  Also, check out my FoodMeOmaha Facebook page.

Ciao.  Until next time.


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