Online Restaurant Deals at Groupon, LivingSocial, and DailyDealOmaha

Groupon (, LivingSocial (, and DailyDealOmaha ( are websites where you can find great deals on restaurants and more.  I find that a large percentage of my spending is on food and drinks.  For me, the expense is worth it, BUT it’s also very nice when you can save on the cost.

For those who are not in the know, Groupon, LivingSocial, and DailyDealOmaha provide deals that are available for purchase for a limited time on a daily basis.  You can get a voucher for restaurants, beauty/spa services, exercise classes, and stores at discounted prices, usually 50% off or more.

Many of these deals are like gift cards but with exceptions and an expiration date.  For example, Groupon has a deal for $30 to spend on food and drinks on dinner for $15 or $16 to spend on food and drinks on lunch for $8 at Jaipur.  If purchased, this deal expires on July 5, 2012 and cannot apply for carryout and the dinner option has to be after 5pm.

These online deal sites provide a great way to save on places that you frequent or to try new places that you have not been to before.

Here is a sampling of the different Omaha food places that I have bought online deals for:  Hiro, Juice Stop, 801 Chophouse, Blanc, Crave, Matsu Sushi, Jazz, Pitch, Espana, Rick’s Boatyard Cafe, Taste, The French Cafe, Whole Food Market, Worker’s Takeout,  Buffalo Company, Red Mango, Cold Stone Creamery, The Indian Oven, Sakura Bana, Dundee Dell, Brix, Genji, Brazenhead, Grisanti’s, Okinawa Sushi and Bar, Pancheros, and Wohlner’s Grocery.

For awareness, there are also great deals unrelated to food.  Some non-food deals include Barnes and Nobles, Old Navy, One Tree Yoga, Aksarben Cinema, and Roots and Wings Boutique.

Some helpful information to share based on my personal experience:

  • Be sure to read stipulations and exclusions carefully, particularly “The Fine Print”.  Exceptions such as carryout is not allowed or not valid for happy hour is common. Sometimes days are excluded as well such as February 14th.
  • Be cautious of the expiration date.  For me, it is easy to get crazy on the good deals.  Be sure that you can use them before the expiration date otherwise you will still lose money.  Sometimes, places will still honor the value for the amount spent.
  • If you do go to a restaurant closer to the expiration date be aware that it can be busier or booked.   Reservations may be a good idea to ensure your spot.
  • There have been a few cases where the business has closed down.  If that is the case, then I have found that all websites will give you credit and/or a refund when requested.
  • Groupon and LivingSocial has iPhone and Android apps that you can use instead of printing out the voucher.  Caution though that there are some establishments that require the paper copy.
  • DailyDealOmaha is not a well-designed website but still does the job.

Overall, both my bottomless stomach and my not-so bottomless wallet is made happier with great online deals at Groupon, LivingSocial, and DailyDealOmaha. Plus, I love my deals! Just be careful to buy what you can use by the expiration date and read the stipulations and exceptions carefully.

I have been posting the online food-related deals that catch my eye (or appetite) on my FoodMeOmaha Facebook page.  So, if you are interested check it out!


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