Introducing FoodMeOmaha!

FoodMeOmaha is a blog of my FoodMe perspective of Omaha restaurants.  Omaha is known for having more restaurants per capita than in any other U.S. city.   I live in Omaha and I love food.  From favorites to new finds, food delights me.  From tasting to sharing, food feeds me.  FoodMeOmaha!

I have received many comments on my eating ways.  “She eats more than I do.”  “Menus are her porn.”  “Food is part of the sharing and I love sharing my food with you.”  “You should start a food blog.”  “I love your appetite.”  “If you change your eating, I will stop loving you.”  So, this is me sharing my food experiences with you.  I hope you enjoy!  Feed me what you think!

Special thanks to Brian Gerdes and Maude Moreno for the inspiration!


4 thoughts on “Introducing FoodMeOmaha!

  1. I am impressed with your reviews as it gives me insight on places to try out. I am now trying to find a location in Omaha, if possible, who makes the best red snapper soup so consider this to be a challenge. Excellent critique writing as you do a wonderful job with your descriptions, I am very impressed with your detail. I will bookmark and revisit this for sure. -SLE

    • Thanks apassion2write for the positive feedback! I had a “woot-woot” and beaming smile moment. 🙂 I would love to take on the best red snapper soup challenge but sadly I am not aware of any place that serves red snapper soup. I will ask around. Where have you had red snapper soup?

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